Jobs in Poland (for foreigners)


Poland is an attractive country to live in: it is big and has a real potential to grow even further in the future. The IT industry is one of the fastest developing in the country and Poland has already attracted a lot of big international companies and corporations. Even Google has their offices in Warsaw and Wroclaw!

So you can imagine that there are quite a lot of workplaces for language jobs! Jobs in Poland do not require Polish language skills from a foreigner (the Polish language is a true challenge, by the way!). The most appreciated foreign languages are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish. Nowadays, the Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Danish) are at their peak as well. Multilingual job offers do not always require previous experience: most importantly you must prove your fluency in foreign languages (usually, English + Italian/German/French/etc).

The multilingual jobs in Poland and the international companies usually provide really good conditions and benefits for their employees (which make the jobs even more attractive, right?).


So what jobs in Poland are usually offered for a foreigner?

  1. Customer Service Advisor (our offers). Nice communication, languages skills and knowledge how a computer works are the main requirements for a Customer Service Advisor. You can read what this position is really about in our previous article.
  2. IT jobs (our offers). IT industry is growing worldwide and Poland is not an exception. It usually includes IT support that is highly necessary nowadays. Good specialists are always welcome to join the multilingual international teams.
  3. Jobs in Finances (our offers). Finances and accounting services are quite at their peak in a nowadays world, as well. It requires a keen eye for details, a high level of responsibility and an analytical mind.
  4. Recruitment Consultant (our offers). This industry becomes the more and more wanted at the moment. It offers a constantly changing working environment, communication and responsible tasks. Languages are much appreciated in this position so this really might be a great chance to pave your career in Poland. Read more about the Recruitment Specialist position in our previous article. Previous experience is not always required so this might be a real opportunity for a career change.


As the shared services centres are constantly growing, these positions usually are seeking for new employees. If you want to face new challenges, consider coming to work in Poland: it is a nice opportunity to grow! Find all our open job vacancies in Poland (and not only).